Everyone just wants to be happy and live a life with no complications and issues, but we live in a society where it seems as if every second person you meet is a ticking time bomb – ready to explode any second!

Negative emotions like anger, shame, fear, hate and rage are accumulated in your neural network over years and are connected to specific events that happened to you in your past.  We carry these charges with us and if we do not deal with them effectively and efficiently, it will start to control your behaviour.  It will feel as if you are losing control of your emotions and your reality.

The truth is that many people who suffer from Anger and Anger-related problems are struggling with the stranglehold of Anger and many times they do not understand the origins of the emotion.  Sometimes it is just a small thing like a parking spot, an inconvenient phone call or an inconsiderate colleague that suddenly triggers an uncontrollable rage within.  You are being controlled by the emotion of Anger and it is distorting your rationale, judgment and conduct in a very negative way.  It is during these emotional outbursts and uncontrollable rages that people say and do things that hurt and destroy families, friendships and even jobs.

When you suffer from Anger issues and uncontrollable rages, you are most likely feeling very overwhelmed by this problem and very hard on yourself.  Because you are unable to manage it, you permanently carry the emotions of shame and regret with you.  These negative emotions, together with the feeling of desperation and fear of losing those closest to you, will only escalate the problem.

People experience Anger in different ways in their bodies:

  • Knots in your stomach
  • Clenching your hands or jaw
  • Feeling clammy or flushed
  • Breathing faster
  • Headaches
  • Pacing or needing to walk around
  • “Seeing red”
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Pounding heart
  • Tensing your shoulders

Suppressed and repressed Anger can lead to anxiety and depression if it is not appropriately expressed.  Health problems like high blood pressure, headaches, heart problems, digestive problems and even skin problems are linked to suppressed and repressed Anger.  In addition to this, alcohol- and drug abuse, violent behaviour and even crime are linked to poorly managed Anger.

Our emotional state, whether it is positive or negative, determines the results that we get in life.  When we have trapped negative emotions, we will get negative results and therefore, for us to change our results, we need to get in control of our emotional state first.  The solution is not to discuss the problem over and over and/or numb the feelings with medication, but to remove the foundation on which the Anger was built on in the first place.  As soon as you do that, the entire building collapse and you can rebuild a new, better version of yourself.

Anger Management Therapy, or Anger Release Therapy as we would like to call the programme, is a combination of collapsing all inner conflict and negative emotions like anger, guilt, hurt, sadness, frustration, rage, irritability, shame and anxiety so that the person can feel more in control of these emotions and not let these emotions control them.   This is not to say that you will no longer feel these emotions at all, but you will not be controlled by it anymore.  You will now be in control of these emotions and your reaction and behaviour to previous triggers and situations will be different and calm.

Anger Management Therapy / Anger Release Therapy includes a combination of removing negative beliefs like “I am not worthy”; “I am not good enough” and we install a new positive Self-Image and unconditional Self Love.

Most people who struggle with Anger problems have very low self-esteem and carry with them feelings of regret, shame and guilt.  The subconscious mind uses a lot of energy to suppress and repress these negative emotions.  When we collapse these blocked and stored emotions and release them, most people will experience much more energy after the sessions.  It is literally like having “a weight off your shoulders” and you will feel the positive effects of the therapy immediately.

This programme is not the same as any conventional Anger Management Therapy that is offered out there, but a focussed approach and answer to the questions that our clients ask: “How can I control my Anger” and “How can I control my short temper”.  The 10 – 12-hour programme is truly the most effective programme out there and after completion, our clients regain a sense of calm and control over their emotions, so that they can live a happier and balanced life.


It is the Employer’s responsibility to keep employees feeling safe at work and to create the culture and provide necessary training for appropriate interactions in the workplace.  If a co-worker is distracting them from their work due to uncontrollable Anger rages and outbursts, it is important that the Employer intervenes and get professional help for them as soon as possible.  Individuals who are disruptive and distracting can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety with co-workers and influence the productivity of the workforce.

We offer Anger Management Workshops for Businesses where individuals are coached in small groups, as well as one-on-one sessions with employees who are struggling with serious Anger problems in the workplace.  These packages are tailor-made for businesses and provide a safe and confidential environment for employees to start taking control of these negative emotions and make lifelong behavioural changes that will have a positive influence in their personal and professional lives.