Born in 1976 in Cape Town, a curly haired girl with a love for animals and big dreams.  But Since I can remember, I always looked at everyone around me and wished I was like them. I wanted to be “Normal”.  My childhood was anything but perfect and I suffered terrible emotional damage and pain that I carried with me for years.  I truly believed I will never be good enough and was not worthy of being happy and loved.

I pushed myself on the Athletic field and lost myself in poetry and drama and believed that I will only be accepted by others if I succeed and excelled.  I was a great actress around my friends and my saving grace was my Inner Voice telling me that I was destined for greater things.

Even during my years in a corporate environment, I kept on pushing myself to excel and was looking for recognition and acceptance in this way.  In 2008 I completed my Degree in Business Administration, became PAFSA PA of the Year…and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  This placed tremendous pressure on my personal and professional life and I struggled to cope.

During my divorce in 2012, I hit rock bottom and spent a week in a Clinic for severe depression and anxiety.  It was a slow and difficult process to find the real Ansunette again.  I was filled with anger, hurt and sadness, very low self-esteem and no hope for the future.  I truly believed that no-one could love me, that I will never be good enough and worthy of love again.    Then out of the blue, I met the Love of my Life and greatest supporter, my husband, Jurie.  He has shown me what unconditional love and kindness is and for that, I will love him forever.

I started my journey of Self-Mastery and Transformation in 2013.  Reading books and being guided by great Mentors and Teachers along the way.  I enrolled at the Transformation Coaching Academy™ and through ground-breaking programmes and techniques that are part of the Transformation Coaching System™, I was able to release and collapse all Negative Emotional Charges and Beliefs that were holding me back from living a true and fulfilled life of Happiness!

I have INNER PEACE, am emotionally HEALED, WHOLE and LOVING LIFE AGAIN!  I have learned that all the answers that I was looking for, was always inside me and that I can either be my own worst enemy or my own Best Friend – it is MY DECISION!  It is my passion and true interest to assist YOU to live the life of your DREAMS and to be the deliberate CREATOR of your HAPPINESS and SUCCESS!


I was very young when I had my first encounter with failure and accepting that I will never be good enough.  As a result, I tried to please everyone and help wherever I could because I knew what it felt like to fail and not be accepted.

This made me be more aware of other people’s feelings and I got used to always being the one to give a helping hand and pass a note in class to see a friend hid his first love.  This gave me so much joy to know that I can make or be the difference in other people’s lives.  I have always been affected by the hurt of other people and I would always find ways to help them to make it better.

Life threw me a few curve balls of my own and I had to learn that sometimes for me to help other I would need to help myself first.

Today I am living a conscious life and have balance in my life.  I have achieved so much more than I ever though I could do, and the best is still on its way as I live to appreciate and be grateful for all that I am and have.


I had to learn how to help myself by becoming the best version of myself and to not just live everyday unconsciously but to live with clarity, intention and enjoying the journey of being Me as a Master of my Life.


Thank you so much to Burk & Isobelle at the Transformation Coaching Academy for giving me the tools to help and change people’s lives.  Now I can really help people become the best version of themselves and fulfil my life’s purpose in helping others.

Let me help you find your life’s true purpose.

This Transformation Coaching Techniques helped me deal with the trauma of my Military Service and dealing and working through repressed emotions that was caused by the traumatic events we as young soldiers had to deal with at that time.


I am a Master Transformation Coach and I help my clients become their best version of themselves and by doing this helping Transform culture.