Born in 1976 in Cape Town, a curly haired girl with a love for animals and big dreams.  But Since I can remember, I always looked at everyone around me and wished I was like them. I wanted to be “Normal”.  My childhood was anything but perfect and I suffered terrible emotional damage and pain that I carried with me for years.  I truly believed I will never be good enough and was not worthy of being happy and loved.

I pushed myself on the Athletic field and lost myself in poetry and drama and believed that I will only be accepted by others if I succeed and excelled.  I was a great actress around my friends and my saving grace was my Inner Voice telling me that I was destined for greater things.

Even during my years in a corporate environment, I kept on pushing myself to excel and was looking for recognition and acceptance in this way.  In 2008 I completed my Degree in Business Administration, became PAFSA PA of the Year…and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  This placed tremendous pressure on my personal and professional life and I struggled to cope.

During my divorce in 2012, I hit rock bottom and spent a week in a Clinic for severe depression and anxiety.  It was a slow and difficult process to find the real Ansunette again.  I was filled with anger, hurt and sadness, very low self-esteem and no hope for the future.  I truly believed that no-one could love me, that I will never be good enough and worthy of love again.    Then out of the blue, I met the Love of my Life and greatest supporter, my husband, Jurie.  He has shown me what unconditional love and kindness is and for that, I will love him forever.

I started my journey of Self-Mastery and Transformation in 2013.  Reading books and being guided by great Mentors and Teachers along the way.  I enrolled at the Transformation Coaching Academy™ and through ground-breaking programmes and techniques that are part of the Transformation Coaching System™, I was able to release and collapse all Negative Emotional Charges and Beliefs that were holding me back from living a true and fulfilled life of Happiness!

I have INNER PEACE, am emotionally HEALED, WHOLE and LOVING LIFE AGAIN!  I have learned that all the answers that I was looking for, was always inside me and that I can either be my own worst enemy or my own Best Friend – it is MY DECISION!  It is my passion and true interest to assist YOU to live the life of your DREAMS and to be the deliberate CREATOR of your HAPPINESS and SUCCESS!